Charisma is a specialized ability and it is currently only used for prostitutes who want to smuggle goods in and out the prison and who want to be better protected when venturing alone into hostile environment. It is easier for a prostitute to provoke two NPCs to attack each other instead of a PC when the prostitute has a higher charisma. Provoking saves the prostitute a fight since it ensures that NPCs fight each other over the prostitute.

The second big advantage is the ability to smuggle objects in and out of prison. As described in the prison section, smuggling magical potion out of a prison or weapons into the prison may be an important task and a prostitute can be hired to do these tasks with a higher chance of success than other characters.

High charisma also helps when trying to seduce using the manual seduce button, the higher your Charisma its more likely that your seduce attempt will be successful.

Skills using this Abiltiy:


  • Provoking NPCs in attacking each other.
  • Easier seduction of PCs and NPCs.
  • Prostitute's ability to smuggle objects into and out of a prison.