Dexterity or DEX is a skill that is used on many occasions that involve fast and agile body actions. many production skills like goldsmith or glassblower use it as the main ability to determine manufacturing success, but it is also used in fight to determine success of long range attacks or the use of a shield which avoids damage to the character.

It is also the most important skill for gardeners when harvesting seed or planting domesticated plants in a customer's house. Of course it's the primary ability for thieves for all sorts of activities.

Beware that female character with very large breasts or butts loose DEX because they can not move so agilely.

Skills using this Abiltiy:

Skills using this Ability in production:


  • Fight attack strength, damage values.
  • Protection from damage from using a shield.
  • Prison work open potion-packs.
  • Gardeners get seeds from domesticated plants.
  • Speed at which a held character gets another chance to break free.
  • Gardeners who plant domesticated plants damage them less.
  • Cultist's success in harvesting Sperm or hearts from victims
  • Thief's ability to avoid a crime against him when stealing from a house.
  • Thief's ability to smuggle objects into and out of a prison.
  • Thief's ability to avoid a crime against him when trading illegal drugs.
  • Thief's ability to break a lock.
  • Thief's ability to avoid a burglar alarm to trigger.