This is one of the most important abilities and also one of the few that changes during the course of your character's life. You can not select a start value for this ability all characters start at 9 points. Whatever you do in life affects your morality. When you log into the server you receive a message about the 1/100 of a point that you have accumulated so far. These fractions can be positive or negative. As soon as this value reaches -1 or +1 your morality value that you can see in the skills dialog will adjust by 1 point in the given direction.

This ability is also hard to understand for some people because it goes against what a good minded person understands under morality. However, it is fairly easy to understand if you try to think like a member of the establishment or one of the standard churches. Morality in our sense is more like the perceived morality due to actions that are appreciated or condemned by a hypocritical society. For example: You could be an upstanding, married member of a republican party, go to church every Sunday and donate money to the local police funds. Surely people would consider you an high moral person. Now assume that every second Friday, instead of attending your local party meeting, you visit a transsexual, catholic, prostitute in the neighboring city. If people found out, your life would surely be ruined. With every Friday there is a little more of a chance that somebody will find out about your secret double life. In Sociolotron, this is represented by a slow drop in your morality value. What we assume here is that there is a huge but anonymous population of which one might recognize you when you visit your transsexual girlfriend.

In Sociolotron your morality drops constantly for example whenever you have sex with a prostitute, and it rises when you have sex with your married partner (or a steady partner for that matter) so that a whoremonger will eventually end up with a low morality value, because you just can't keep your frequent contact with prostitutes a secret. Consider Morality a value that represents what the general population thinks of you because of your actions. It has nothing to do with good or bad nor does it represent a particular judgment imposed by the developers. It is merely a representation of how an average, conservative and intolerant society would judge a person based on his actions.

In Sociolotron, Morality is also an expression of your character's behavior in a sense. Taking the above example again, a frequent whoremonger is hardly a faithful husband so a low morality value also represents the course you have taken in life and therefore this value will open other opportunities to you. For example, a character with a low morality value can be trusted to be quite successful in bed, therefore having sex with a low moral person usually results in a higher arousal for the partner representing the greater sexual experience of the low moral person.

How To Increase Morality

  • Sacrificing a low moral prostitute on an Inquisition altar.
  • Having sex with the same partner (second and further orgasms) (increases morality by 1/100)
  • Go on a quest that requires the character to kill NPCs of low morality. (increases morality by 6/100)

How To Lower Morality

  • Collecting body fluids after sex for cult purposes on a Succubus altar.
  • Having an abortion or performing an abortion as doctor.
  • Having sex with a new partner (first orgasm) (decreases morality by 1/100)
  • Having sex with a prostitute for both customer and prostitute.
  • Go on a quest that requires the character to kill NPCs of high morality. (decreases morality by 6/100)

Consequences Of Morality

  • A low moral and high prostitution value of a sexual partner makes it more likely that a person gets a photo clue during sex that is useful in a criminal case.
  • In a seduction attempt, the morality of the victim determines whether he finds the seducer attractive or not. High moral character like neutral or pretty faces only, Low moral characters also like primitive and vulgar faces.
  • Low moral prostitutes become infected with sexual diseases easier than other characters
  • There are certain NPCs who only attack characters of opposite moral alignments.
  • For prostitutes with low morality it is more likely that a rumor about her is generated.
  • Morality also determines how much soul points a demon draws from a PC when he sucks life out of a living person.
  • Low Moral prostitutes have a higher chance of transmitting sexual diseases when a character drinks their milk.
  • A low moral prostitute can accept a greater number of partners in one job.
  • A Succubus shield absorbs hits from high moral attacker.
  • An Inquisition shield absorbs hits from low moral attacker.
  • A Vampire sword draws life from low moral targets.
  • An Succubus sword draws life from high moral targets.
  • Low moral sex partners arouse their partner characters more than high moral ones.