Abilities are long term features that can hardly be changed. These features determine a character's general abilities, what he can and can not do. The skills often make use of certain abilities and one ability is often used by multiple skills. For example Dexterity is used when determining the success of a manufacture attempt with the carpenter skill, but also when breaking a lock.

Abilities can range between 1-18 with higher values being better. When creating your character you can only assign so many points however and you have to decide which abilities are more important for the lifestyle you want your character to live. Starting abilities can only go up to 12. That is not necessarily always the lifestyle you start out with. For example it is not easy for a character to start out as a prostitute, so it may be better to earn a few credits and XP as prospector first, which is generally considered an easy startup profession, especially for newbie characters. Prospectors need Constitution, however since you want to turn your character into a prostitute later it is better to to choose Charisma as ability over Constitution to make seducing characters easier later.


Abilities can be boosted on a short term basis with magical spells that last a few minutes and which comes in handy when a certain planned action is to be performed. Another way to boost skills by a few points are specialized clothes. These cloths can for example boost Strength or Dexterity by 3 points while they are being worn. Once they are taken off, the ability returns to normal. There are clothing choices for both genders that can increase Strength, Dexterity or Intelligence. These items are somewhat rare as they must be manufactured by Demons or found on quests. As with all other clothing, the quality of these items will decline with wear and will eventually need replacement.

Abilities can be increased permanently by going on a quest which offers an Increase ABILITY Cross as a reward. There are 5 different reward crosses one for each of the following abilities: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Constitution and Charisma. When you fulfill the respective quest, the cross will appear and you can double-click it. In doing so, you will permanently increase the respective ability by one point up to a maximum of 18 points.

Chose the ability you want to increase before you go on the quest!!!

Once you have increased an ability this way, you can only increase this ability with quest rewards and no other ability! In other words, you choose which ability is most important for you and then you can increase only this one ability and no other! You could for example choose to increase your weakest ability to develop an ability you neglected at character creation or you can concentrate on an ability you created with 12 points already in order to strengthen it. Whatever you do, remember that you can not increase another ability once you have made your choice! Not even your children who inherit your abilities will be able to do so (to prevent players from increasing more than one ability).

Ability Quests are very rare and expensive for popular abilities such as Strength and Intelligence.


Abilities can also be lowered temporarily. Diseases or starvation are two examples that can have this effect. The base ability is preserved but when the ability is used in a check, a lower value is used, depending on the modifiers currently active. You can check your base abilities and the altered abilities in the Skill Dialog by clicking the "Altered" or "unaltered" buttons near the bottom.