Valor is a special ability that changes during the life of your character depending on what action your character performs. It basically expresses whether your character is a brave type or a coward. Valor can not be chosen during character creation and every character starts at 9 points. Valor is relatively simple to understand and there are only simple rules that rise or lower this value. When you log into the server you receive a message about the 1/100 of a point that you have accumulated so far. These fractions can be positive or negative. As soon as this value reaches -1 or +1 your valor value that you can see in the skills dialog will adjust by 1 point in the given direction.

When your valor falls under 8 there is an increasing chance that an angry NPC will appear whenever you attack an NPC and this angry NPC will attack you. These NPCs are furious about your cowardice deeds and will follow you around when you try to run away. There is really not much hope to get away from one of those and you will have to face and kill them. Beware that these NPC are quite strong. So letting your valor fall too far is not a good idea. On the other hand, a high valor value will protect you from these NPCs but will give you not much other advantages.

Raising your valor is fairly easy: Just attack strong NPCs. Basically by attacking any hostile NPC around you have a good chance of raising your valor by killing stronger NPCs. If you kill weaker NPCs in battle, you will have no negative consequences from that. When you attack a horde member (hordes are wandering groups of NPCs that are announced by Gryphons) you even gain an extra amount of valor, regardless of the NPCs power.

Loosing valor is also quite simple: When you kill victims on an Inquisition altar, you loose valor, since it's a cowardly action to kill a helpless person.