Angels & Demons - Cock Lane East Centre, Spitalfields

Barbican Underground, 2 West

Fresh Food and Drinks always available. This is a bar, not a store, so we only stock the basics such as cures, potions, heals and toys.

All are welcome here, including demons. Gang tags don't exist inside our doors. Angels & Demons is neutral territory, kind of like Switzerland. Leave the Drama and Bullshit outside and come in for some good fun. Sex is allowed, even encouraged throughout the bar.

Owners/key contacts: Angel Davies, David (Mann) Davies (updated December 2011)

An entry to a business location (North) on Cock Lane East Centre, 2 west of the Barbican Underground in Spitalfields.

An entry room - The main room of Angels & Demons. Thanks go to Lady Valkyrie Hammer for setting up the room.

Room 1 - Waiting room and medical area. Fully stocked for any surgery you might need. Please let one of our fully qualified medical staff
know if you need assistance.

Room 3 - Summoning Room/Chapel - Thanks go to Kieran SaintIves and Real Tight for the room design.

Room 4 - RayRay's Arena - This room design was slightly modified from the original design that Rayanne Tackler had set up in the bar when
it was passed to me upon her leaving London. Ray will be dearly missed.