There are three different weapon skills in London: Sword, Long Range, and Mace. Of those three, only Sword and Long Range are really used, except in special circumstances.

If you started your character with Mace skill, it is often recommended that you reroll your character and select Sword or Long Range instead before you get too much time invested in a character that will be very difficult to play in the beginning. Check out the New Player Character Creation Guide for hints on how to create your first character and some pitfalls to avoid.


Sword skill is probably the most useful combat skill to have in the early- to mid- game when most of your targets will be NPCs, but it continues to be useful in the late-game in many PvP situations.
It's level affects the damage you do with the following weapons:

Curved Blade
Vampire Sword
Succubus Sword
Demon Sword
Demon's Trident

Long Range

Long Range skill is an extremely useful combat skill to have in many late-game combat situations, and especially in PvP situations.
It's level affects the damage you do with the following weapons:

Flying Daggers
Boomerang Blades
Lust Wand
Blood Wand
Wand of Vile Lust
Wand of Dead Hearts


Mace skill affects the damage you do with only one weapon, the Hammer. The Hammer is only useful in one situation: a barfight. That's right, a barfight. If you have a high drinking urge, and you are drunk and in a bar, the hammer becomes the ultimate weapon. Otherwise its only good for breaking rocks. Don't get this skill until you've got all your basics done. Its a fun skill to have, but its totally optional.


Armor in London is rated on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher your armor rating is, the less damage you take from most attacks when you are hit. One of your first goals as a new player should be to get your armor up to 100 points. It's easy to do. Ask anyone at one of the New Citizen bars in Stratford to help you, or check out the Getting Dressed page for a number of sample outfits that have an armor total of 100 or more.

Once your armor is 100, most npcs in Stratford will do very little damage to you when they hit, limiting the need for you to use healing potions, which can get expensive in the early stages of the game.