The Holy Inquisition

The founder of the Cult is Mr. Zachary Borden, former Presbyter of the Anglican Church. He founded the cult in 2083, as a better alternative - it was Mr. Borden's own term - to fight against 'immorality' in society by a more effective way. He was known by his fiery speeches and articles against sexual lewdness and prostitution.

His deep religious belief allowed him to use some paranormal force on more and more occasions and he taught them to his so-called 'novices'. He studied the animist cults of primitive cannibal tribes and the notes upon Incan and Aztec history, with special regard for human sacrifices. The research results let him re-create a method and adjust it to accord to his ideas.

By this method - death-sacrifice and cutting out the heart - one could make so called 'blood potion' which, upon consuming, raises the mental energy and also a type of 'magical charge', working the same way as for Succubi Cult. The mental energy boost is used to force temporary psychic -and sometimes physical - alterations.

Mr. Borden turned his hypothesis into practice in 2084. During that year he killed five prostitutes - each process gave him the required benefits. But, due to the valid legislation of the period, it was claimed a capital crime. Mr. Borden was arrested, sentenced to death and beheaded in May, 2085. (Current law does not restrict sacrificing outlaws and criminals.)

The cult was legalized in 2100 by the King but is not accepted as official church by the Pope or any Christian Church. The synod kept in Poitiers, 2103 claimed the cult heretic and their books apokrif, putting them on index.