New American Republics

A little look beyond the borders. Due to the great distance it is a difficult task to get knowledge about the New American Republics (NAR), the former USA. In spite of all efforts, it seems impossible to restore the electronic connections through the underwater cables laid across the Atlantic long before the war.

For the better understanding let's take a glance upon the general history - its many events are unknown for the newer generations. Everyone knows about the Great War and almost all think it was a total nuclear disaster. Well, it is not true; that type of catastrophe would have swept the whole mankind from the surface of the Earth. Yes, there were several nuclear strikes, the most in number between China and India, but the biggest disaster came neither from radioactivity nor chemical or other warfare.

The new and age-old viruses and bacterial diseases attacked everywhere. The diminished immunity of the human organism and the corrupted political, medical infrastructure; let these diseases spread with incredible speed. Human population dropped back to 15% of what it once was within the short decade of this Armageddon (2035-2046). The scythe of history did not avoid the USA. Epidemics, like 'Reaper' and others rushed throughout the country leaving ruins and anarchy. This proud and conscientious nation managed to join most of the European nations which, weakened and decreased, at least survived those terrible times.

The system was shattered but survivors gathered into new communities. The period was not free of local conflicts, but up to the year 2052, almost all the new republics were formed and founded the NAR. By the joining of the Wyoming Republic in 2053 and the Texarkana Republic in 2055 the NAR has taken its present form. The region can be called united again in spite of all existing cultural, ecclesiastic, etc. differences.

On the opposite ends of this ladder of difference exists the quite hedonic New California Republic (NCR) and the conservative Republic of Oklahoma (RoC). The opposition is exhausted only in words though - some constant mocking the 'pedant okies' and the fiery representatives of the Church in RoC.The economic stage is generally equal to the level we have in the English Kingdom.

NAR also started the navigation by sail and steamboats. They sealed a mercantile contract recently with Akihito the III, Tenno of the Japanese Empire. The isolation could be interesting for linguists; as the Royal Society of Science has just sent fast-cruising clipper 'Seagull' to NAR with a few linguists on its deck. Their task will be to study the changes in language. The first station will be New York, which - due to current sea-level - called the second Venice of North, besides Amsterdam. Its most famous parts are the Broadway Channel and the Lady's Head (part of a sunken statue).

The distant NAR has got a loose but friendly connection with western kingdoms (England, France, and Belgium). We mention only one more interesting fact: the Great War, most likely referring to dropping off of the fated heaven of civilization, in NAR is called 'Fallout'.