Transfer your Characters to a new Account

There are a number of reasons you might want to make use of this, the reason I've heard most often involves CCBill failing to rebill. Or, you might have canceled your account, then decided that you really can't bear to leave London after all. Or your credit card has reached its expiration date, and CCBill has NO way to update that information.

So, we have _transferaccount.exe ... here's the steps:

  1. Make sure your account is 2 or more months old. If it is less than 2 months old, _transferaccount won't work. Write to in this case, to see if there is something that can be done.
  2. Be sure you have your account number and password of the account you are transfering. If you have the original email from CCBill, this will include your account number (they refer to it as a subscriber number). Alternately, if you start up the game client, your last used account number will be displayed. Write this down.
  3. Sign up for a new account. Go to Socio's sign up page --- at the bottom of the right-hand section there is both a button and a link. This will send you to CCBill's site, and have you sign up for an account. Be advised, this will restart your counter of how many months you're a subscriber - this will give you the $4.00 for the first month and $9.95 for the next five months deal, dropping to $8.95 for the next six, then $7.95 thereafter.
  4. Make note of the new subscriber number you have on the confirmation page that follows. You will also get an email from CCBill with this information. Since you don't need to download the client once more, you don't need to wait for the email, though it is handy to have.
  5. Using the new account (subscriber) number, log into the game to verify that the account has been activated. DO NOT CREATE ANY NEW CHARACTERS ON THIS ACCOUNT. Just be sure you can log on with the new account information. Then, close out of the client. If you can't log in right away, try again in a few minutes. This number should start with a 0 (zero), if it does not, add one to the beginning.
  6. Go to your Sociolotron folder (usually at C:\Program Files\Sociolotron) and find _transferaccount.exe (it might not show the extension - that is, the .exe part - but will show as Application under "Type"). Double click this, and fill in the blanks - put in your old account number, your new account number and the associated passwords.

Some troubles you might encounter:

  • Transfer program claims that the server can't be reached.
    • Verify that you have typed in the correct numbers and passwords. If you use "copy and paste" from the emails, make sure that there are no stray spaces -- best bet is to very carefully type all the information.
    • Make sure that you can log in with the new account (and there is no character on it), and that you can either log into the old account, or get the message that it has expired.
    • Delete the _transferaccount.exe file from your Sociolotron directory, then start up the client, log in with the new account -- this will force the client to download the latest version of this utility.
    • Disable your firewall completely. Your settings might be fine for the game (and by all means reset them afterwards), but could be blocking something for the transfer.

If you encounter any other trouble, feel free to drop into IRC, and there is usually someone there who can help you through the various steps.