This page should only contain bugs that probably won't be fixed, for several reasons but mostly because sociolotron 2 is being worked on right now. It is not meant as a way to report bugs.

Chat Bugs:

  • Messages with less than 3 characters are not visible to others
  • Sometimes (happens often after saves) old messages in the chat window all turn black, normal (not italic) font
  • If you press enter after typing a sentence and a rumor comes up instead of your sentence, no one in the room will have seen your chat text

Description Bugs:

  • If you are bald or use the mongolian hairstyle your description will still contain a sentence about the haircolor "It is <color>"
  • After a female character has stopped lactating, the description will still note that she has wet spots around her nipples from then on

Travel Bugs:

  • You can move faster by moving the mouse cursor in a certain way in front of your character while pressing the right mouse button
  • Sometimes when switching rooms you appear on the wrong end of the new room
  • When you logon, you are placed randomly in the room. This may get you stuck behind pipes, at the mercy of long-range attacks. The only known fix is to logoff, log in again, and be lucky enough to reappear in a normal spot. Stratford workshop corner (behind some pipes) is one of those places - this is why it happens mostly to newbies. A fix should check that you login with the same exits available as when you logged off, trying to place you randomly again if this check fails.
  • In certain rooms, if you move north you actually moved east (the destination room may or may not have N/S exits).
  • In some properties, a character held by another one will randomly appear in various places in the room, and if the holding character will run over to where the held character is if the holder moves

NPC Bugs:

  • Sometimes NPCs are stuck between rooms, switching between them back and forth
  • Male and shemale NPC pickup lines mention "pussy"
  • Some NPCs don't drop money, don't give experience, and don't drop items other than blood. They're not substantially weaker than other NPCs. I can't see why they can't give 1 exp?
  • NPC names shown under the NPC and in the F2 dialog often do not match the names listed when the PC entered the room, and sometimes different PCs in the same room see the same NPC with different names
  • "Merchant" NPCs dynamically created when someone opens an Escort Merchant quest sometimes attempt to attack their escort when the quest ends. The attack consists of the NPC standing around with a weapon equipped.

Demon Bugs:

  • A demon born in Hell is PK'd anytime he is KO'd in London
  • A female Succubus demon must shape as a male in order to drain souls from a female victim. There has to be sperm deposited, it seems, to drain souls

Houseowner Bugs:

  • Stuff locked down by someone with a rental and a share can only be unlocked by that same person, not by other shareholders

Bad Connection Bugs:

  • Sometimes when you have a bad connection (high Ping/Packetloss) you won't be able to see any houses in a house entrance list, you need to logout, close the game and open the game again before you will see them again
  • Sometimes when you have a bad connection and are dragged around by someone with a good connection you will lag several rooms behind the person dragging you
  • Sometimes it is not possible to store items from your current inventory (or sell them), then you need to switch inventories once and go back to your current inventory, after that it works (probably the server current inventory out of sync with the client current inventory)
  • If you're having lag to the point the client cannot let you play when lag ends, the client doesn't notify you so you have to guess when to close the game and re-login (corollary, you may close the game and re-login when not necessary if you incorrectly believe your client is not able to recover from lag). A fix to this bug would prevent death and loss of stuff during a no-lag-anymore situation.
  • If at some point the client lose connection for good, the character should eventually be disconnected so that he doesn't die and lose stuff. Right now they seem to linger in the world vulnerable to attacks longer than necessary.

Workflow bugs:

  • The vendotronics are randomly priced by default (perhaps some reasonnable-sounding prices or -1 for "do not trade this item" would be better). The current situation can cause immense surprise (think losing a quarter of a million) to people who didn't spend lots of time checking and double-checking that everything is priced right... this is especially true of the Buy-and-Sell configuration.

Generated page bugs:

  • More of a feature request, generated pages shouldn't list vendotronics who are located in a locked room or otherwise unreachable by design. (As of now, it only helps the thieves to locate vendotronics used for storage or clan-only discounts, while making regular costumers lose hours of walking - I've taken notes, and found 7 out of 10 interesting buy/sell vendotronics to be behind locked doors).

Lack of feedback bugs:

  • In a large number of areas the game uses a generic error message if you action fails for game reasons, or doesn't tell you at all why you fail. While it can often be guessed by experienced players, it's harsh on newbies to have to ask what the game should say, and it's sometimes impossible to guess (as in next bug). Many complicated things must be done without notification or confirmation or documentation as a result, and even experienced players are occasionally baffled.
  • Trainer lack of notification for failure to train. (i.e. why is this trainer refusing to train me? Is it because i lack money? Is he/she not skilled enough to train me another level? Do I have the wrong trainer?). It would be common sense for the trainer to notify the reason of failure, and even to tell hint me (i.e. "Player was trained by Harvesting coach, and it was worth every penny. The coach tells a quest for a wandering trainer will be necessary for next level" or "I don't train Harvesting skill! Some guy at Oxford does!" or "Pick a skill first").
  • Some in-game item, like a "new citizen tour guide" ebook, should appear in inventory at the very first login to keep newbie confusion down (should also be sold in newbie-area vendotronics). I've seen 2 newbies quit because they couldn't bank raw, only to understand it myself after hours of harvesting that now feel wasted. If only I knew from the first minute i could have banked uncooked food, I would have dropped my 21 raw logs and be substantially richer and experienced... to fix this notification bug, the bank should notify newbies they can't bank any raws in newbie districts except uncooked food - and even tell them to process raw bread crop if they still have the newbie level.
  • If I died after lag or just after logoff (it happens), and login shortly after, the game should notify me i recently died so I can get my deathbox instead of wander around a few streets and forget where i logged in at when i realize the death! Not to mention the game should notify me where my deathbox is. Dying in the metro and having to figure out which station i died at generally means i will lose my items...

Dodgy trade system for some items:
  • It's not possible to see what the reward for a quest is before buying it from a vending machine (except for cure zombie rott!). This gives players the opportunity to roleplay the scamming of others by actually ripping them off a million at a time, but I don't think it was intended that way...

Lack of critical documentation:

  • What happens to a demon who is permakilled? In my first hour of playing i encountered many "character-deletion level of importance" questions like these who could sometimes only be anwsered by talking to experienced players so I wouldn't spend months building a character to lose it to the first error that comes along. And some of the anwsers i've been given were WRONG! The lack of critically important pieces of documentation hurts the games' popularity. The official manual needs work.


  • The game can freeze when a pop-up (such as the one who asks which direction you want to walk) appears behind the main window. You can recognize this from other pop-ups by seeing how the very top of the window is grey out instead of blue. You can fix that by pressing Alt-F4, which would be counterindicated for almost all other situations so players who don't know this trick tend to "kill task" in the task manager or even reset their computers. I suspect this bug has to do with activeX.