Welcome to London!

It can be a difficult place to get used to in the beginning, but with a little time and some help from some more experienced players, you'll feel right at home. The Tutorial is a very helpful resource for brand new players. It takes some time, and maybe you'd rather walk around and experiment a bit first. That's fine...I know I did when I first started. But don't forget about it. Come back and do it when you have some time.

Also, before you go much further, you might want to read the New Player Character Creation Guide, which has tips to help you avoid some common character-creation mistakes.

Okay! So you've landed in Stratford Plaza and are wearing some kind of tan uniform...the first thing you should do is get yourself to one of the New Citizen bars. There are two of them, both commissioned by the King for the express purpose of helping people like you.

The Pay it Forward bar, known locally as the PIF, is in the north-west corner of Stratford. To get there head west out of the plaza you started in. Then head north then west again.

Not sure how to move? Well that's covered in The Tutorial! Okay, okay, you want to do the tutorial later. Well, moving is easy. Just double-click a spot of empty ground in the room that you are in. Select the exit you want to move through, click the "Go Through Door" button, and viola, there you are. There are other ways to move around, but that's the simplest way and probably best for now.

Entrances to interior locations are red arrows. Those have to be moved through differently. Walk up to the arrow, then double-click the arrow, then select the location you want to move into, and then the Go Through Door button.

The Vicars & Tarts tavern, often called simply the V&T, is just south of the PIF. Get there by heading south then south again from the street outside the PIF, or from the plaza you landed in by going west, then south, then west again.

At either of these places, you'll almost always find some veteran players who would be more than happy to answer any of your questions and to walk you through some of the trickier aspects of the game.

Here are a few of the topics that the people at these bars will help you with:

Getting Dressed
Armor and Weapons
Using Your Cellphone
Training Your Skills
Earning XP as a Newbie
Getting around Town

Once you've experimented with your character a bit, worked through the tutorial, and talked with some of the helpful people at the PIF or the V&T, check out the Life as a Newbie in Stratford for some ideas about what to do next.

Good luck, and I'll see you in London!


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