Sociolotron 2 aka Mikaboshi

Sociolotron 2 has been in development for some time now, and it has gone through many changes since it was first conceived. Most of the info on this page is for a vision of the game that isn't being developed, but it's interesting nonetheless. The most current information on the state of Sociolotron 2, now known by the codename "Mikaboshi" can be found on its Facebook Page. Check it out and become a fan!

Here are the latest screenshots of the new version:



Old Socio 2 Demos


January 2009
The public demo is now closed and only available for staff to test new features.

July 2008
There is a new client server demo available.To get the demo, go to

This is outdated and the demo is no longer offered for download
From PlayerDark on 19 Dec 2006 :
Yes, it's finally here external image 052.gif Today I release the announced demo to you. This article describes how to install it and what to expect. First of all, don't assume you can play a game right away external image 021.gif This demo only shows the 3D routines as far as I have them now. It combines the two areas of 3D programming I have worked on for the past few months, that is character skeletal animation and morphing and the landscape.

There are no decorations like trees, rocks or houses. The earth is plainly empty. What you have are hills, water and ground textures representing the terrain type. You can walk with the W-A-S-D keys. You can also move the camera around by holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse. The mouse wheel zooms the camera. With Alt-F4 you can close the demo.

ESC brings up a little dialog that allows you to teleport to any place on the map. The allowed coordinates are 65000 * 65000 invalid inputs will be corrected. Please note that you can simply walk under water for now. Later we may add swimming or underwater vehicles.

Right now, the demo runs only in 800 * 600 mode, of course later the program will allow you to adjust the resolution.

Also, don't take anything in the demo for final! neither the camera movement nor the character control or so are final, so no need to discuss that for now.

As you can see, we have cloth's (only 2 for now external image 021.gif )that can be stacked on the body. There is a system that attempts to optimize the meshes for polygoncount with clothes. However, 3D is very tricky and it is unfortunately so that this will cause some triangle problems here and there. Unfortunately that's the price for a variable system and for the desire to keep the polygoncount as low as possible. It's simply a direct relation, the more polygons we have the more accurate the graphic is, but of course, the slower also.

So I think the current system is a good compromise. As you can see the face can morph, right now only to one morphtarget but there will be a lot more, for phonemes and for emotions. Whether we will have some sort of speechoutput is not decided, but it is theoretically possible.

All in all I think you can get an impression of how it will look. The skeleton is fully posable and we can have all sorts of poses with only a few bytes of storage, totally different from the 2D system in socio1.

Oh, you probably want to know about the setting. As you can see we have a big world. We will probably have the real scale equivalent of about 25*25 Kilometers, perhaps even 65 * 65 Km, that is not yet decided. Given the normal marchingspeed of 4.5 Km per hour, this would mean that you can walk for 5 or maybe even for abouot 14 hours realtime to cross the map. Although this is small compared to the real world or even a real country, we will be able to have several cities in the world, surrounded by hunting grounds for adventures, yes this time with animals external image 056.gif , and a lot of space to establish your succubus empire external image 021.gif . Of course there will be fast transportations so you won't have to walk for two hours to go to the PM ball external image 021.gif

Another point: This version is not fully optimized yet. For example the skeletal animation is performed entirely in software instead of in vertex shaders on the graphic card. The same is true for the water, which cost a lot of CPU cycles. Also no profiling has been performed and no program optimisations have been made, so don't take the FPS rate as final either.

Have fun and I hope you like it
external image 057.gif


There is a new online demo avilable. This demo requires a demo server to run, which is not always the case. All socio1 accounts that were active before March 2008 are also available on the demo server. Contact Playerdark in IRC or yahoo if you can't get online.

Below you find the forum article that describes how to go online

Here are some explanations for the demo.

When asked for the download username, it's "socio" and the download password is "The download password is: "hYT65UFh4FDjfd" just like for the Socio1 client.

It contains an installation for DX9, which most of you can skip, and for the Visual C 8 runtime library, which should be installed. Also, the client requests .Net 1.1 I believe, which by now everybody should have.

Use your regular game account as username when logging in. The password is "test" for all accounts.

If your game doesnt start check the logfile.txt in the PD/demo directory where the demo is installed. If it contains a line like

Mon Mar 03 00:31:37 AM 037198 => VERTEX SHADER 3.0 NOT SUPPORTED!...Duration: 0 milliseconds

then your graphiccard does not support shader model 3.0

Now select the automatic character. Your character is either male or female. The body type is the same for amale and female characters, so you dont see a great variety. That's because I was cautioned that ppl might not like to run around as fatso or thinno, so I just used one body type, but of course there are many more. Same for faces.

You walk with the WASD keys or the arrow keys and you turn with the Q and E keys. The mouse wheel zooms the camera. Hold the right mousebutton down to move the camera around.

F1 brings up a world map and you can teleport anywhere by doubleclicking the location. F2 teleports you close to a meeting point where you can meet other characters. Just talk to your friends in yahoo or elsewhere and organize a meeting there. Be polite and move away from that point so that others wont get too much lag! After 5 minutes of inactivity your character is teleported to a random location to prevent lag for others.

If you get stuck in another character, which can occur, hit Shift-F2 which frees your character.

In order to open your inventory window, click the button on the right side of your screen

external image demo1.jpg

As you can see, the beautiful painting of a character holding shield and sword is your doll. The white squares are inventory slots. The 24 at the bottom are your regular stuff and the ones around the character represent equipped objects like weapons or cloths. Right now we have only weapons o you are only able to drag items there.

In order to create some items hit F3 and the following window appears
external image demo0.jpg

You can select one of the letter buttons and then select an item based on its description. Enter the number of objects (only 1 is accepted now) and click CREATE.

The DUMMYOBJECT is a box which opens by doubleclicking it, once it is i in your inventory. you can drag other object sinto the box or out of the box in oder to organize your inventory. Each box holds another 24 items, but you cant carry too much wight, so be careful.

You get rid of objects by dropping them on the cloor close to your character. They decay after 10 seconds.

In order to fight another character, click the Fight button
external image demo2.jpg

be sure to select the ATTACK maneuver and then click the attack Mode button. Select your opponent by doubleclicking him and answer the confirmation dialog with yes. You're in fight mode. To turn fight mode off, open the dialog and click Attack Mode again. And yes, there will be keyboard shortcuts in the future :)

To have sex, select your partner, then open the Sex dialog
external image demo3.jpg

Select a position and have fun. To end sex, open the dialog again and click on the Retract button.

To talk, hit the return button, type your text and hit return again.

Well that's it for now. You realize that there are still alot of graphic problems. Somce characters have bad feet, the neck doesn't always connect to the head and so on and so on. theres a lot of minor stuff which I cnat fix just now because it would take a lot of time and I rather spend my time adding more stuff that to fix those minor optical problems. These things can all be fixed later.

Besides the optical problems there are of course others. Keep in mind, this is demo to give you an impression of how Socio2 will look like, behave and so on, nothing more. Also keep another thing in mind:


that means despite everything you might believe, I am the only programmer. I have two helpers with the graphic, who I must coordinate, which also cost some time, plus some graphic work must be done by me alone. I have developed the animation system myself, all the tools and converters that are needed for the graphic pipeline, I have developed the server system, the landscape and a lot of other things. I dont want to show off here guys, I just want to recall it into your memory that I am doing a LOT of work here and that a multiplayer online game simply takes it's time, especially when you have no legion of helpers. So please, bear with me. Have fun in Socio1, but please don't put me under pressure :dunce: . I know some of you are bored in Socio1 but I'm doing all I can here to make a new game. Well that was just a little side note :OO: