This utility, , runs consecutively with the Sociolotron game client, and, with PlayerDark's permission, we can use it. IT IS NOT ENDORSED BY NOR PROVIDED BY SOCIOLOTRON, LLC. Use some common sense folks, no warranty nor suitability is either expressed nor implied, and honestly, it seems the original creator, whom took the maps and added the functionality to them, isn't known. If they were known, we'd gladly like to offer them credit for their contribution to the community.

Simple enough, "Right click the link, then, Save Target As...." Don't try and run it from the wiki.

If this sucker makes your computer burst into flames, begin to speak in tongues, call up demons from a rift in time and're on your own.......

If at anytime it makes a group of co-eds appear that need help, please feel free to contact........nevermind.

There really doesn't seem to be anything malicious here, but then, as stated, the source code is not available. However, a good way to check and see if a program is doing bad things, is to quote PD, "I advise you, that you check it with a virusscanner, perhaps run Socio and the program with the firewall up, blocking this program specifically from accessing the internet and see if its kosher."

A new check box is added within the map page, on the left, "Keep Track of My Location". Simply check this box when you are within London, and the map will update showing your location as an arrow, while you are in London. To search for a location, first UNCHECK the box, then perform the search, and you'll have the best results.

Current bugs:
1) clicking on the teal boxes to change map views usually throws an error. If you do it by accident, press Alt-Left Arrow a couple times and it'll take you back to the screen you are on. I'll fix this in the next version
2) It sometimes gets hung up when you go into a bar or a house since they don't have a room number

Plans for version 2:
1) Adding a auto-routing ability. I plan on making this a bit of a game, you won't have full auto-routing ability out of the box. You'll only be able to auto-route on rooms you've travelled to.
When the search returns a single result it should automatically highlight it on the map
3) I know people use this primarily for gang hunting, so I may add some gang specific tools to it. If you can think of any, please let me know.

If you have any suggestions, please add them to the discussion.